Research & Development


The Laboratory is focused on the new manufacturing paradigm of “personalization”, with specific reference to the footwear, orthopedic and sport sectors. Currently the Laboratory hosts an integrated and automated pilot plant for the conception and production of shoes and custom accessories.
The previous and ongoing European Projects on customization are ADDFactor, FIT4U, MY-WEAR, FashionAble, NetChallenge, CoReNet, CTC, Prosumer.NET. They are all part of the 7th Framework Programme and mainly focused on design and manufacturing technologies applied to footwear products and mini-factories concept.

MADEinLab is also an industrial plant where manufacturing, design and production tools are implemented, tested and finally validated. The experimental technologies we are focused on refer to additive manufacturing (3D printing) and subtractive (CNC), design tools and computational design, 3D configurators for selection and purchase of products on-demand and CAD/CAM solutions for CNC machines, robots and industrial systems, scanning and sensorized devices for biometric and biomechanical data acquisitions. The target applications: design, development, prototyping and small series production of tailor-made products in the areas of footwear, sports and orthopedics.