In our laboratory the experimental activities cover both hardware and software development of technological solutions. Manufacturing technologies are developed and optimized for specific applications of Mass Customization and Personalized Production. The production flow, such as the individual data modeling, is managed through computer science and control architectures able to reduce the processing time of “on-demand manufacturing”, thus becoming compatible with industrial and mass production.

The laboratory is equipped with biometric data capture technologies, scanning and sw tools for morphological modeling and data processing, necessary for an aesthetic and functional design. The individual data are processed according to specific ergonomic and biomechanical protocols.

MADEinLab is not only an applied research laboratory, but also a full-fledged industrial plant managed in cooperation with ITIA/CNR: an urban mini-factory, in which multiple levels of industrial automation and different design and production technologies are combined. As case study the Integrated Pilot Plant allows the manufacturing of custom shoes, a production paradigm requiring a complex synchronisation between design and production tools of the entire industrial system, as well as of individual machines. The plant implements, verifies and, finally, validates the technologies developed, thus generating not only technological and methodological innovation but also product innovation.