Most of our R&D activities which drive the innovations in Design and Manufacturing are financed by national and international initiatives. Following there is a list of Projects, financed by European Commission, whereof MADEinLab is part of.

ADvanced Digital technologies and virtual engineering for mini-Factories

The project proposes the Mini-factories concept, an innovative production framework founded on central knowledge-based designand local distributed manufacturing. In its application, thanks to a direct connection with the retailer, ADDfactor manages the complex design phase of need-driven products combining customers-sourced biometric data and desired aesthetics. Two levels of manufacturing solutions are foreseen: retail or district level, depending on the complexity and scalability of products and processes. Research activities address the conversion of personal data into individual product specifications (diagnostic devices, advanced design tools) – while manufacturing is then carried out locally through novel ultra-fast and auto-configurable machines.

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Customized Green, Safe, Healthy and Smart Work and Sports Wear

Developing new process technologies in order to realize a new generation of customized, eco-friendly, safe, healthy and smart work wear and sportswear products for elderly, obese, diabetics and disabled people is the MY Wear main goal.

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Development of new technologies for the flexible and eco-efficient production of customised healthy clothing, footwear and orthotics for consumers with highly individualised needs

The FASHION-ABLE project aims at providing the European fashion SMEs, namely those focused on innovation and customisation, with technologies enabling flexible, eco-efficient production of personalised products. In particular, wearable goods addressing complex personal needs of consumers unsatisfied by mass-produced goods in terms of health support and performances are targeted. The project involves both conception and co-design of product with the consumer, and sustainable manufacturing.

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 cornet CoreNet
Customer-ORiented and Eco-friendly NETworks for healthy fashionable goodsCoReNet  develops methods, tools and technologies for sustainable small series production. The industrial value of the project is based on applying innovative solutions for design and production of healthy fashionable clothing, footwear and accessories for consumer categories with health problems.More info on
fit4u Fit4U
Framework of Integrated Technologies forUser Centred ProductsFIT4U project aims at responding to the growing demand for consumer-oriented product personalisation by conceiving an Engineering Framework, meant as the set of tools and manufacturing technologies necessary to consumer-centered product and process design and innovation in safety and sport footwear and accessories, particularly gloves.More info on
NetChallenge logo TR Net-Challenge
Innovative networks of SMEs for complex products manufacturingThe Net-Challenge project main goal is to support the creation and management of non-hierarchical business networks where SMEs can join competencies and resources to succeed on the global market in the design and manufacturing of complex products.

Specific objectives include the design and development of an integrated framework, composed of a methodology, reference business processes and IT tools, to support SMEs create and manage such networks.

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