In a global market where price competition is now saturated, where the few remaining margins are achieved by displacing production sites and greatly affecting the economic and social sustainability of various countries, there is an increasing need to shift competition towards more sustainable approaches, which can warrant positive returns to all stakeholders involved in the supply chains.

MADEinLab is the Laboratory for Manufacturing & Design Innovations focused on the development and implementation of digital technologies aimed at improving and speeding up the production of consumer goods according to market needs. The market becomes thus the first driver of competition and of technological innovation. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how modern technology enables them to choose and define the specifications and functionality of the products they use. User involvement in the design and production of goods, however, is not simple when the manufactured products require complex equipment and technologies. The objective of MADEinLab is therefore to reduce the gap between design and manufacturing through advanced technology, able to process quickly consumer requirements, convert them into product specifications and reconfigure production machine settings accordingly.

The video “theCreatorsProject” is an example of the most important design and manufacturing technologies implemented and developed in the laboratory.